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Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

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Offend a liberal

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

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Saw this over at The Market Ticker and had to share it …

So a good military buddy of mine had an opportunity to get away from the Pentagon bureaucracy for a long weekend and brought his 6 year old son along to expose him to his first Pennsylvania hunting experience. It was an absolutely perfect weekend with junior learning all the trials and tribulations of a post opening day Pennsylvania white tail hunt as well as several teaching lessons involving gun handling (his Cabela’s plastic deer rifle with ejecting cartridges).

Recently spoke with my buddy to see what lasting impressions were left with junior and will we have another hunter in our future. This is when I was informed of juniors incursion with a liberal. It appears math, hunting and liberal teachers don’t mix. Junior’s first grade teacher had an assignment to use real world items to accomplish math such as if you have a pizza and cut it into four slices and give one away, what fraction of the pizza have you given away.

Since he’d recently been on a hunting trip and had four bullets in his toy gun he decided to submit the following…..”I had a magazine of four bullets, shot one and now have three. That means I used one quarter of my ammunition” Well the teacher did not feel this was appropriate and was offended. She sent this issue up the chain of command to her principle who then sent a letter to his parents explaining things like guns cannot be discussed in school.

Really, I can understand the sensitivity of this issue with the recent school shootings that have occurred in the past but the problem isn’t about talking about it, it’s about not talking about it and banning everything from children that may look harmful.

I can’t wait until next year, hopefully my buddy and his son will be back for another hunt that ends with a successful harvest. Hopefully juniors second grade teacher will ask some biology questions. He’ll be ready with a step by step process explaining field dressing and the following statement “Mam, you do realize meat with all it’s essential nutrients doesn’t wrap itself in plastic and jump into the local supermarket cooler” Yup, will probably be looking at private school after that!!

I’m always looking for a glimmer of hope we are not losing our country but once again, I’m not so hopeful. I remember a time when school was shut down for opening day and then the following conversations with the teachers was how everyone’s hunt went.

Please do me a favor and pass this on. Take your sons and daughters hunting so they’ll have a story to offend a liberal!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Taking the educators to school

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

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In Which the Inestimable Mr. Denninger Puts Some Effin’ Knowledge to the Education Bureaucracy – And the Math Doesn’t Lie

Public education in this country is a disaster, and anyone not blind can see it:

In New Jersey, students have as many as three chances to pass the state high-school exit exam. That’s right — three. Three chances to earn a passing grade of 50 percent on a test that is written at the middle-school level. Students have three chances to score 50 percent or better on a middle-school-level test in order to graduate high school.

The City of Newark spends about $22,000 per child per year to get these dismal results.

What does the educational bureaucracy say to this staggering indictment of its ability to perform?    Jam its head in the sand: (more…)


Chris Christie’s Greatest Hits

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010


Readers of this blog should be well aware of my admiration for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s take-no-prisoners approach to governing a state that is in financial crisis.  I have previously posted videos of some of his short speeches here.  For your convenience, here is a link to a “best of” collection of eight of them:

Chris Christie Highlights

Glenn Beck calls this “common sense porn.”  Heh.


Chris Christie just keeps getting better and better…

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

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It appears that a new standard of badassitude – coequal with the Bronson – needs to be established: the Christie. Beginning today, in my view the Christie is at parity with the Bronson. But given Christie’s sizeable presence, that number can only go up.  Not to disparage The Bronson, of course, but he is semi-retired, after all.

Your daily dose of Christie smackdown:

Copped from Ace, no surprise.


N.J. Gov. Chris Christie: Current highest recorded milliBronson level

Friday, June 4th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

As all readers of this blog know (or should), the internationally recognized measure of baddassitude is the Bronson.  Charles Bronson is the standard, at 1 Bronson.  All others are measured in milliBronsons.  This video shows why N.J. Governor Chris Christie’s milliBronson reading continues to increase…

Stolen shamelessly from Ace.


Paging Leni Riefenstahl…

Monday, March 15th, 2010

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I love music, but I despise talentless hacks who prostitute it in the service of hagiographic agitprop on behalf of Our Divine Leader.

Watch this, if you can.  I couldn’t make it to the end without gagging.

Triumph of the Will? Amateur hour compared to this.

From Right Wing News, through Ace.


Oh, THAT kind of HANDgun…

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

– Wiccapundit

There seems to be an epidemic of grade-school kids bringing guns to school.  Er, uh, that is, making guns at school.  As in, making the shape of one with their hands.

Ionia kindergartner suspended for making gun with hand

Yakima kindergartner expelled for making a gun with hand

These people’s heads would explode if they saw the kinds of things my classmates and I played with at recess in grade school.  My friends had full-size plastic replicas of M-16s, and I actually had a half-size operating plastic version of an M-2 (“Ma Deuce”) .50 caliber machine gun.  It was belt-fed, just like the real McCoy, and would literally shoot plastic bullets out of the muzzle, albeit at non-lethal speeds.  (But dang, would they sting if they hit you.)  They looked something like these, although my M-2 was bigger and all olive drab, without the red “safety” muzzle tip.

Also back in the day, I went to a gun & military memorabilia show with my Boy Scout troop, where  I bought a dummy Vietnam-era fragmentation grenade.  It was hollow, but I could screw out the detonator, and I could pull back the spring striker, put a cap underneath it, hold it down with the spoon handle, and put the pin it.  At recess, we would play war games.  My friends would “attack” my machine gun nest, and I would pull the pin on the grenade, hear the cap go off, and heave it at my chums to drive off their attack.  After recess, I would walk around the school with the grenade hanging on my belt.

Oh, the horror!  And of course, I grew up to be a stone-cold killer softie.  Nowadays a kid can’t bring a “spork” to school in his lunch bag without violating the “zero tolerance” (read “zero  judgment”) policy.  If a kid gets attacked and tries to defend himself, HE gets in trouble.   In my youth, the teachers  would let a fight go on long enough to see if the bully got his comeuppance, or to prevent a smaller kid from getting the snot beat out of him.  I remember a middle-school coach who kept a set of boxing gloves, and he would let torqued-up adolescents wail away on each other until they exhausted themselves (and their anger) without permanent damage.

What a world we live in now.