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I’m running out of superlatives.

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

I need some help, Dear Readers.  I’m running out of words to describe the looming election results.  So far, I have:











I believe that after the election, all of the world’s dictionaries will need to be reprinted, changing the spelling of the word “huge” to “yuge.”


Haven’t these people watched any Mafia movies?

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

I continue to be astonished at the arrogance/stupidity of the Democrats with respect to communication.  Compromised emails, seriously? Haven’t these people ever watched any movies about the Mafia, like say, Goodfellas? The Mafia big wheels NEVER used the telephone for any critical communication, assuming that their phones were always being tapped by the Feds.  Important messages were always transmitted person-to-person.

But these fuckin’ guys? Sending in-the-clear emails discussing the most damaging material.  And a crap ton of them, too.  I probably haven’t sent 30,000 emails in my entire life, much less during the course of a few years’ employment.  And haven’t these people ever heard of encryption? Jesus, you have a security clearance.  Couldn’t you get some at least industrial-grade encryption so that not just everyone can read your innermost thoughts? Couldn’t you have even used the “File Password” function on fucking Windows 7?

And these people presume that they are smart enough to rule us?


This election was decided months ago, and it was decided by men.

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

All the *gasp* terminal upset about Donald Trump’s “locker room” comments about women is meaningless.  This election has already been decided, and I don’t mean in the tinfoil-hat-fix-is-in way.

People made up their minds months ago about these two diametrically opposed candidates.  Nobody is swayed by the debates; the latest faux “scandals” cooked up by left wing media about Trump or real scandals accurately reported by alt media about Clinton; or rallies, however well or poorly attended.  The cake is already baked.

Men have decided this election.  The country is just going through the traditional rituals while we wait for the official result.  Why, you ask?

Because men look at these two candidates and relate them to themselves.  So, Trump made a lowbrow comment about a chick? Gee, what man hasn’t heard or said the same himself in a locker room with other men? Only pussies and homosexuals.  Men look at Trump and see the Alpha guy on the shop floor, on the sports team, or in the bar.  They listen to Clinton and hear the screeching shrew that was their ex-wife or crazy college girlfriend.  Who do you think this demographic will break in favor of?

If the majority of American men have not completely lost their ballsacks, then Trump will be the God-Emperor in a landslide.

That is all.



Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Wiccapundit –



RANT: I’m DONE with “moderates” and “undecideds”

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

I’ve about had it with lame, low-information dipshits that proclaim to be “undecided” voters, or worse, “moderates.” We have a stark choice before us: Trump or Hillary. There are no other choices.

Get over the butthurt if the candidate you totz wanted didn’t get selected.  At this diner, you only get two choices: chicken or fish, coffee or tea, chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream.  You don’t get to hold out for meatloaf, Coke, and pistachio ice cream.

The choice is Right or Left. Never in an American presidential election in recent memory has the choice been so distilled to clarity.  Close the border or open the border. Support support American workers or support the globalist banksters. Preserve the Second Amendment or drastically restrict firearms ownership. America for Americans, or America for every Tom, Dick, and Muhammed that wants to slouch onto our shores.

If you haven’t made up your mind by now, you’re either: (a) not paying attention, in which case you don’t deserve to have the franchise; or (b) stupid.

For those who have decided, I’ve decided that there are five kinds of people who support Hillary and the Left:

  1. the ideological True Believers, who think that this time we’ll finally get Socialism right;
  2. the suckups whose living depends on their Iron Gravy Bowls (in Bill Quick’s memorable phrase) and sensing that the opportunities for patronage will be greater under Hillary than under Trump;
  3. the venal, the apparatchiks who know the whole Leftist scheme is a scam, but who want to be in charge;
  4. the “team” people, the same kind who cheer for USC or Michigan football, but never went to either college; the “I’m a Packers fan” who has never set foot in Wisconsin, but just wants “their team” (the Democrats) to win; and
  5. the single issue idiots, the kind who’ve never had an abortion, wouldn’t want their daughter to abort their grandchild, who can’t even have children anymore due to age, but MUST preserve the Holy Sacrament of abortion on demand, because MY BODY!!!!!

Sometimes I harbor the fantasy that Hillary wins, and all the brainless sots who voted for her get it good and hard in the ass. Unfortunately, I have to go along for that ride, which I’m not inclined to do.

Better make this one count, America. It’s bottom of the ninth, down by three, bases loaded, full count. Here comes the pitch . . .

Swing for the upper deck.


Change to the header

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

Some of you may have noticed the change to the motto in the header of this site.  It used to say “Pagan AND conservative. Yes, really.”  However, while I may be conservative in my political outlook (as opposed to progressive), I no longer refer to myself as “a” conservative, mainly because those who were charged with BEING conservative in positions of political power never actually, you know, CONSERVED anything.  Those who have claimed for themselves the mantle of “true conservatives” have made an absolute dog’s breakfast of the Republic the Founding Fathers bequeathed us.  I have found that the voices in the Alt-Right camp speak to me more eloquently than the so-called Social Conservatives or Fiscal Conservatives do.

Seriously, when have the Social Conservatives actually preserved any of our actual culture, and when have the Fiscal Conservatives done anything significant to roll back the Leviathan State?

“Take me out, to the Black, tell ’em I ain’t comin’ back.”

UPDATE: I changed the header slightly to Pagan AND Right-Wing, because it flowed better.  I still consider myself Alt-Right in outlook, but some people haven’t gotten up to speed yet on what that entails.


Choke on a hairball, Disney.

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

– Wiccapundit

Gee, Disney is just a great, big lovable ball of cat-lovin’, what with the corporation actively supporting an army of feral cats on the grounds of Disney World to keep the local rodent population in check:

The Secret Cats of Disneyland

Hmm, did they obtain H1B visas so these cats could do the work that American cats won’t do? Did the original felines have to train their rat-killing replacements? I mean, it’s not like Disney would do anything like that with actual, oh, PEOPLE, would they?

They’ll get my money when Hell has frozen over, melted, then refrozen.  Besides, one experience at waiting in line for The Line Ride™ at Disney World (not an actual ride, just a line that simulates the experience of being in line for an actual ride) is more than enough.


This is JUST like the Holocaust. Really, it is.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

– Wiccapundit
Oh for fuck’s sake:

















Do follow the link for some weapons-grade stupid @ $63,000 per year:


Allow me to Fisk the Tweets:

Agreed demand 1: President Wagner issues a strongly worded statement that Emory condemns Trump & all Repub candidate

Strongly worded statement? Forfend! By the way, more than one candidate is candidates, children, but it’s Twitter so who gives a fuck about, oh, you know, English grammar.  Not at $63K per annum.

Agreed demand 2: Emory will allow a floor of a building to be a safe space for POC 24/7 with a security guard

A separate floor. For “People Of Color.” Hey, I’m white! Ain’t that a color, too?  Separate.  But it’s gotta be EQUAL, man! Because none of these POCs (Persons Of Childishness) has ever heard of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, which, to the history-challenged, overturned the legal basis for segregation established by Plessy v. Ferguson.

Agreed demand 3: Emory will provide a full time grounds employee to remove any Repub drawings or other graffiti w/ a hotline to report

Will this count as an Obama jobs-saved-or-created?

Agreed demand 4: Emory will provide a salary ($20 per HR or more) to group leaders thru Nov election w/ fac/staff parking

At last we see what this is about. Twenty bucks an hour for an untrained, untalented, unproductive (group leader) whiner who will get some of that sweet, sweet faculty parking.  What about taking the bus, you carbon-non-neutral Earth-killer?

Agreed demand 5: every conceivable accommodation should be give to SOC from class, work or practice if affected by these incidents

I assume SOC means Students Of Color.  Can I just call them “colored students?”  “Accomodation should be give …”  I hope their parents ask for a refund of tuition for Freshman English 101.

Agreed demand 6: student leaders will be given Emory golf carts to get around campus and be able to respond to students affected

Wait, Emory has golf carts? What is this, the municipal links?  Besides, nothing says urgent emergency response needed like “affected students.” (“Student leaders, this is Dispatch. We have an emergency meltdown of a special student snowflake at the dorm.”)

Agreed demand 7: Any reactionary campus group must inform our leaders of activities or meetings to avoid inentional/unintentional aggression

Reactionary campus groups like . . . Stop Trump At Emory? How about the Genghis Khan LARP club?  And for the love of humanity, try to FUCKING SPELL.

Agreed demand 8: Pres Wagner will write a terse letter to Trump & Cruz campaigns barring them from any activity on Emory campus

Holy escalation, Batman! We’ve moved from a “strongly-worded statement” to a “terse letter.” And why does Cruz show up here? Is he Trump’s sidekick?

Agreed demand 9: Emory will use RAVE emergency notification sys to issue trigger warning to students when chalk or other drawings are found

I can’t think of a better use of rich, stupid, liberal parents’ tuition money than wasting it on this. Forget classes! We’ve got trigger warnings to stop!  And what “other drawings” will draw these youths’ ire? How about a drawing of a  Donald Trump fucking Mohammed in the ass without so much as the courtesy of a reach-around? Does that trigger you?

Agreed demand 10: starting Fall 16 all incoming students (freshpersons, graduate, PT & transfers) will receive diversity training.  Curriculum created and lessons taught by our student leaders w/ fac advisor of our choosing

“Freshpersons?” Is that like the Fresh Prince of Belair? Diversity training, yeah. Let’s just cut to the chase and rename the place Emory Reeducation Facility and Day Care.

Honestly, sometimes I wish the SHTF moment would just go ahead and get here already.  These bags of mostly water won’t last 72 hours from the moment things get frisky.













We’re baaaaaaack!

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

– Wiccapundit

We haven’t been dead; just MOSTLY dead.  Actually, just wandering the ether, where we were banished by the horrididdities of GoDaddy (heapings of scorn be upon them). It has taken over a year to sort out the problem.  Now that we’ve returned, we’ll have plenty to say.  We hope you’re all still out there!


Not dead yet.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

– Wiccapundit

I’ve been busy making the doughnuts so I can pay for the bourbon.  I’m not dead yet:

Hope to have some new content soon!  Do stick around!