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Media opens mouth, lies come out.

March 12th, 2017

Wiccapundit –

“Trump makes ninth golf course visit in seven weeks” trumpets the headline in The Hill.  Wow, I guess that means President Trump (never get tired of writing that) must be playing more golf than Obama ever did.  What a slacker!

Oh, wait.  He wasn’t playing golf there, he was hosting a meeting with Cabinet secretaries to discuss health care reform efforts.  Yep, playing through and taking mulligans just like Obama.  Not.

Gee, it’s like the media aren’t even trying any more to hide their spin.

This is why if any media outlet reported that the Sun rose in the East today, I’d go outside to check for myself.

Lying sacks of shit.

Where’s Kolchak when you need him?



Witches, you’re doing it wrong.

February 26th, 2017

Wiccapundit –

Apparently, all the leftist witches decided to “cast a spell” to “bind” President Trump because Feelz.

Hughes explained that he chose a binding spell because “we’re not wishing harm on anyone, we’re just trying to stop the harm they’re doing. It’s not the equivalent of punching a Nazi in the face, it’s the equivalent of tying him up and taking his bullhorn away.”

Wait, I thought that George Bushitler was Literally Hitler.  How many Literally Hitlers can there be?

But what about that pesky Wiccan Rede? You know, the one that starts with “an it harm none . . . ?”  Oh, that’s right. leftists have principles, right up to the point where they become an inconvenient obstacle to what they want.  That’s like a Christian professing to follow the Ten Commandments until that Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery thing gets in the way of their affair.

Okay witches, let’s go back to Witchcraft Ethics 101.  Do you really think that interfering magically with the legally and constitutionally expressed electoral choice of 61,201,301 people is acting in an ethical manner?



Concern Trolls Gonna Troll . . .

February 26th, 2017

Wiccapundit –

Logging in to put up a new post today, I found a comment from someone called “Dovregubben” in moderation under my post discussing my opinion that men decided the 2016 Presidential election.  I don’t usually take the time to fisk idiotic comments, but this one cried out (literally!!! 11!) for the treatment.  Herewith:

I find a lot of what you’re saying here incredibly problematic, not the least of which, referring to an elected official as God-Emperor.

What I’m saying is “problematic.” Classic “tell” of a lefty, cuck, or concern-troll.

Thank Vox Day over at Vox Popoli for the term “God-Emperor.”  It’s called “satire,” which is a subset of a genre called “humor.” You might want to acquaint yourself with it.  And now that God-Emperor Trump has ascended to the Cherry Blossom Throne, he is ruling Bigly.  Absolutely Yuge.

While the elevation of a candidate to god-like status is distressing enough, what I find more troublesome is your apparent views regarding women. You say “men decided this election.”

You find what I say “troublesome?” I thought it was “problematic.”

Yes, I did say that men decided the election.  And yes, men did decide this election.

Firstly, the data proves that false. Women make up 51% of the total U.S. population. In 2012, 53% of total voters were women, and in the 2016 election, 56% of total voters were women. So if you go by those simple numbers, men aren’t deciding the elections. Women are.

Of course. The Data.  When lefties are wrong, they always resort to the mischaracterizing of statistical data.  Interesting, since no one I’ve ever met who is on the left side of the political spectrum ever took course one on introductory statistics in college.  Try to follow along here.  I know the math is hard, because the last math course you took was in middle school.

According to the leftist house organs CNN and The Washington Post:

71% of white males with no college degree (also known as guys with actual jobs making, building, or fixing shit that liberals don’t know how to make, build, or fix) voted for Donald Trump.

16% of black males with a college degree (also known as guys who are not rappers and who are not dead or in jail) voted for Donald Trump.

A change of just a few percentage points in those two demographics alone, and we would be suffering under President Hillary Clinton.

But if you still want to go with the “women decided the election” thing, I’ll at least give that a nod.  After all, 41% of ALL women (also known as women who aren’t insane) voted for Donald Trump , even though he doesn’t have a vagina.   That’s 28,524,088 votes (do the math, I won’t do it for you), quite a large number of women who didn’t buy the bullshit lefties like you spewed about The Donald.

Second, I find incredibly distressing your views on acceptable behavior of men towards women.

Wait, now my views are “distressing?” I thought they were “problematic” and “troublesome.”

Upon hearing the words of now President Elect Trump, your thoughts were not “This man has shown a supreme disrespect for women and should be held accountable,” but “Eh, guys are like that.”

Actually, guys ARE like that. So are women, but worse.  Many women I know have confided to me that women’s locker room banter about men is much cruder and more salacious than that of men.  It’s called human nature. Please return to your fainting couch now.

I sincerely hope you don’t have children. If you had daughters, is this how you’d like them to be treated?

You mean, by having a superior in the office (serial sexual predator and rapist Bill Clinton) use his position of power over a subordinate (intern Monica Lewinsky) to get her to engage in sexual conduct with him – in violation of his marriage vows – in the White House?  It’s really awkward explaining to your children why the terms “blowjob” and “Oval Office” were used by the media in the same sentence.

The office of president is one that people look to for acceptable ways to act.

Bill Clinton.

The president needs to be held to a higher level of accountability . . .

Bill Clinton

. . . than some asshole in a locker room (which, to be clear, is speech or behavior I’ve rarely ever seen in a locker room or workplace, and something I called them out on when I did).

No, you haven’t. You clearly haven’t spent much time in a locker room (Do you even lift, bro?), because if you did what you claim to have done, you would at best be treated like a pariah by other men and at worst you would have gotten your ass beat.

Aside from all that, it’s disrespectful to men to think that their entire basis for political opinion is based on Clinton’s “shrill voice” and not policy.

Political opinion is based on emotion, not reason.  A microscopically small number of people who claim to care about the “issues” have even bothered to inform themselves about them.  Nobody but political junkies and talking-head pundits reads campaign position papers and political party platform planks.  A significant percentage of the electorate decides who to vote for based on the candidate’s looks or whether they think the candidate would be fun to hang out with.

A decision on who leads this country should be a thoughtful and reasoned one, based on deliberate consideration of the issues and platforms, not on who shouts the loudest or will break the most thumbs for “your side.”

Do you even live on Planet Earth?  And as for breaking thumbs, I think that the left-wing, “Antifa,” black bloc goons pretty well have that covered.

Also, for someone whose comment rules specifically call out the use of Ad Hominem, calling someone a pussy or a homosexual for having enough respect for women not to grab them by the pussy and brag about it is something I find pretty ironic.

Typical lefty.  You claim to hold me to my own rules, but you didn’t even bother to read and comprehend them.  If you did, you chose to lie about them.  As Rule #4 states, such language is not acceptable unless clearly satirical.  Hmmm, “satire,” that term again.  You still don’t understand it.

Although you know that you are misstating what GOD-EMPEROR Trump (are you triggered yet?) said, let me repeat:  he said that women like that will LET you do anything, even let you grab them by the pussy.  If you think that a good-looking, famous, celebrity billionaire doesn’t have women LITERALLY throwing themselves at him, begging him to do as he pleases, you are utterly ignorant.  There is a reason that “gold-digger” and “rockstar groupies” are such cliched terms.  If you don’t believe it, take a day trip down to South Beach and see how many hot, bikini-clad, 20-something women are hanging on the arms of fat, paunchy, balding, 60-something men who are tooling around Biscayne Bay in half-million-dollar Cigarette boats.  Clue: it ain’t because of the gentleman’s personality.

As the Russians say: “Don’t be pussy.”



The coming fumigation.

November 20th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

President-Elect Trump’s initial appointments indicate that he will be employing a take-no-prisoners approach to dealing with the entrenched cronyism and corruption in D.C.  Reminds me of this:


I think I sprained a groin muscle watching this.

November 12th, 2016

Wiccapundit –


America. Fuck, yeah.

November 12th, 2016

Wiccapundit –


It’s official.

November 9th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

Yes, I stayed up to the bitter end, just to hear President-elect Donald J. Trump’s gracious and classy acceptance speech.  It looks like I called the outcome perfectly, as the projected popular vote actually went to Donald, and the projected Electoral College number is north of 300.

This is one of the most immensely satisfying moments of my life.

Give thanks tonight to whatever god(s) you worship.  We have been given a reprieve.

Let’s not blow it.



November 8th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

It’s not official (yet) but I DO believe that I was pretty close to fucking spot on with my Tarot prediction.  The New York Times website is projecting Trump the winner (called it), Clinton winning the popular vote (missed that, but I’ll revisit when the final tallies are in), Trump to take Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan (called it, called it, called it), and Trump to finish with 305 Electoral Votes (called it).

I am feeling GOOOOOOOOOD!


My quadrennial Tarot reading and Presidential election prediction spectacular!

November 7th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

The last two Presidential elections, my Tarot reading/prediction has been awful.  Then again, the Republican candidates were awful, so there’s that explanation.

Here are the questions, the cards I drew, and my interpretation/prediction:

Will Trump win the election?  Three of Wands. This card is about expanding on success, looking ahead to new challenges, and building on strengths. While a forward-looking card, it tends to be about watchfulness, readiness, and even wariness. Great success rarely comes looking for you; instead, you must blaze your own path. Prediction: Trump wins the election.

Will he win the popular vote? Ace of Coins (Pentacles). This card indicates a fresh start, or a new opportunity. Enthusiasm will get us going in the right direction.  Prediction: Trump wins the popular vote by a comfortable margin. I would say a large margin, but I have to factor in the fraud factor that will shave off a few percentage points from an obvious landslide.

Will he win Pennsylvania? Queen of Swords. Wisdom gained through painful experience is the hallmark of this card.  Will Pennsylvania exhibit wisdom gained through the painful experiences of its steel and coal industries and vote Republican this time?  I think so.  Prediction: Trump takes Pennsylvania.

Will he win Ohio? Ace of Swords. This card relates to the arrival of a new idea, or the moment of inspiration when we see the world in a different way, including the exhilaration of the prospect of change.  Prediction: Trump takes Ohio.

Will he win Michigan? The Lovers. This Major Arcana card is the one of joy, happiness, and satisfaction.  It can also indicate the need to make a difficult choice. Prediction: Trump takes Michigan.

Will his Electoral College total top 300? The Chariot. The card of control through sheer force of will.  Who does that sound like? Drive and ambition can achieve great success. Prediction: Trump’s Electoral College total will top 300.

The cards were drawn from The Victoria Regina Tarot, the deck I use for most readings.

We will know tomorrow night if judged the portents correctly.  For comparison, my gut tells me yes.  For the last two elections, I predicted a Republican win, but my gut did not agree.  I was clearly trying to whistle past the graveyard and engaged in wishcasting.  Not this time.  It just feels … right.


“Spirit Cooking?” What a crock of shite.

November 4th, 2016

Wiccapundit –

The latest sludge to come out of WikiLeaks about the Democrats is the story of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta participating in supposed “occult rituals” called “spirit cooking,” which are alleged to be part of the Thelemic practice created by Aleister Crowley. Some misguided Internet commenters are referring to this a “Wiccan practice.”

What a load of shit.

Believe me, as a long-time witch, Wiccan priest, and occult practitioner, I can assure those who are not familiar with the occult that this disgusting crap has nothing to do with witchcraft or Wicca.  This load of manure is nothing more than attention-seeking boundary pushing by a self-styled “performance artist” whose craving for approval by the “edgy-and-transgressive” crowd of pseudo-elite Acela corridor fellow travelers pushes her to perform these stunts.  These people get the same frisson of pleasure being outside the bounds of respectability that they would feel by wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party.  They like to freak out the mundanes and to assure themselves that they are above it all, unbounded by any rules of taste, character, or restraint.  For historical precedent, see, e.g., Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club, where 18th Century British High Society rakes would ridicule religion and take part in socially-perceived immoral acts “meant to shock the outside world.” (Ref: Infogalactic).

The ringleader of this modern suppurating pustule of liberal elite filth claims that if this practice is performed in an art gallery, it is merely “performance art” but if performed in private it is “intimate and spiritual.”  Right.  Just like jerking off in the bathroom is merely self-pleasuring, but doing so in a public park will get you arrested for public indecency.

By the way, “occult” simply means “hidden.”  Only Mormons with a “Temple recommend” are allowed to attend services inside the Temple in Salt Lake City.  These religious rituals are not open to outsiders (i.e., non-Mormons), therefore, they are “occult.”

Does that freak you out?